The “Kerryatrics” 10-Point Plan

A Heartfelt Personal Journey

In the film, Open Your Eyes, Dr. Gelb describes his personal journey to becoming healthier. He knew he could see the tiny blood vessels of his patients eyes to get a better idea of their overall health. In fact, optometrists can see the effects of almost 300 systemic diseases by examining a person’s eyes.  It wasn’t until he tested himself that he got serious about making changes to improve his own health. During an exam, he discovered he had microaneurysms in his eyes, which is a sign of serious metabolic problems. Upon learning this, he changed his lifestyle over time and reduce the number of microaneurysms in his eyes. He even developed a 10-point plan—dubbed “Kerryatrics”—to help patients improve their health.

Lessons From Centenarians & Millennials

In the film, Dr. Gelb travels to Costa Rica to speak with centenarians, people aged 100 years or older, who had relatively good health to see what they were doing in their normal daily lives to preserve their health and vision. The movie also follows Chris Maraboli, a millennial who discovers during an optometry exam that he too has microaneurysms in his eyes. Maraboli embarks on an 18-month mission to improve his health by following the 10-point plan outlined by Dr. Gelb. His mission is a success, demonstrating the importance of positive lifestyle changes.

According to Dr. Gelb, the root cause of many diseases is in our lifestyles. The good news is many diseases are reversible. Considering that the eyes are the greatest observatory into our health, Dr. Gelb says your optometrist should be at the forefront of your efforts to optimize your own primary care.